Strategic Initiatives

Fluxx Strategic Initiatives

Manage your grantmaking processes at a higher, more strategic level. Link and aggregate grants, workflows, and funding so you can track, manage, fund, and understand the success of your most critical undertakings. And do it all without spreadsheets.


Top Use Cases

Impact Tracking

  • Roll up all of your active projects and see the big picture
  • Track success over long periods of time

Strategic-Level Budgeting

  • Track funding and assign budget to strategic initiatives YOY

Strategic-Level Reimbursements

  • Track reimbursements toward strategic initiatives YOY

Bulk Funding

  • Enable an approval process specific to your bulk funding needs
  • Utilize workflows to approve specific funding and associate multiple applications to that source

Sponsored Projects Management

  • Manage grantmaking for your funders by using a separate strategic initiative model for each client

Top Benefits

Holistic, Long-term Visibility

  • Gain big picture visibility across years of grantmaking
  • Drive checks and conversations to ensure you’re achieving what you set out to achieve with your strategic initiatives

Future Planning

  • Program directors can see the status of initiatives, including what’s on their plate today and what’s coming down the pike for approval
  • Monitor progress over time and make funding adjustments when needed


  • Connect individual grants to your larger impact story
  • Communicate the impact of your strategic investments to your Board
  • Use dashboards to show the status and progress of your strategic initiatives


  • Break out and expedite approval of initiatives and ongoing review processes alongside associated grants


  • Utilize audit trails - not spreadsheets - to ensure no changes get lost


You can learn more about Fluxx Strategic Initiatives by watching our demo video here and our FAQ video here.

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