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    Thank you Kenny for all the information!  And thank you Adam for your input! Yes, I agree a merged field for the grant ID and organization would be helpful. Mary ------------------------------ Mary Gentile Grants Associate Carnegie Corporation of New York New York NY (212) 207-6254 -------------- ...

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    Count me in :) Sonia ------------------------------ Sonia Greco Grants Administrator The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation Montreal QC sgreco@mcconnellfoundation.ca ------------------------------

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    Hi Anne-Marie, As you are aware of, alignment can be challenging.  Some our our expert builders prefer to use a table, reserving the first column for the bullet point. These would keep all the text nice and aligned.  Here is a link to a great resource on HTML tables.   Who else using tables in this ...

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    You are talking about adding a "Compliance Warning". There is a video in the help desk from fluxx on how to do it. While you may not be able to create one based on a date field directly, you can always add a question with a checkbox answer that would cause a warning to populate if it is not answered ...

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    You may need to do a tech ticket as this will be personal to your system - depends at what level/where you define "program". For us, I can either open the subfolder "Model theme" and choose "name" or open the subfolder "Program" and choose "name". That's the level at which we branch into our different ...

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