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    RE: Dynamic Models

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    Thanks Shawn, this is great and really useful. As a follow-up to the Fluxx community: how about a Dynamic Card Showcase? I'm building one of these right now for our instance, and I'd love to see examples (screen shots and config tips) from anyone out there who's built a dynamic card. I suspect there's ...

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    Hi Shannon, Just to set the ball rolling, this is a classic case for 2-stage application. When we got set up by Fluxx, they created some of these for us. This does not use the LOI mechanism to achieve the 2 stages. The LOI is still there (for registration and very basic eligibility), but then there ...

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    Hello all - I am trying to determine the best solution for some changes I need to may to our process/workflow.  We are receiving too many fully completed applications that is causing burden on our reviewers and applicants as we can't fund many depending on the cycle.  Currently- we received 55 applications ...

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    RE: Program Names

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    We have two: DD - Discretionary Disbursement SOP - Strategic Opportunity Program Violet McCrady Program Coordinator Tel: 416-960-0001 ext. 309 vmccrady @greenbeltfund.ca Greenbelt Fund 661 Yonge Street, Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1Z9 ...

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    Hi Carly, I don't have a solution for you but I'm intrigued by the scenario. I think the issue is being able to pull out the Title field within the Relationship component---from however you begin the filtering process (card to cross-card etc.). The other obstacle trying to use a field like this ...

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